Letter from the Superintendent

Scott Taylor

April 16, 2021

 Dear North Collins Families,

 As you know, the NYS Department of Health (DOH) released revised guidance for schools on Friday, April 9. Our district and buildings-based committees have and continue to review the guidance while always having student and staff safety as our TOP priority.  Key changes in the guidance are:

  • Indicators: Due to evidence that transmission risk ranges by the age of the student, the CDC recommends that physical distancing requirements differ by grade level and community transmission risk. CDC has developed four levels of indicators and thresholds for community transmission of COVID-19. Please refer to Table 2 in the CDC guidance for more detail.
  • Schools/districts may choose to reduce physical distancing to no less than three feet between students during academic instruction, however:
  • Schools/districts must follow CDC recommendations for physical distancing depending upon community transmission rates and grade levels. Erie County is currently considered a county with high risk of transmission, elementary schools can maintain physical distancing of at least three feet between students in classrooms and cohorting is recommended when possible. However, in middle and high schools three feet between students in classrooms is recommended only when schools can use cohorting. When schools cannot maintain cohorting, middle and high schools must maintain physical distancing of at least six feet between students in classrooms. *Cohorts, particularly for younger students, are self-contained, preassigned groups of students with reasonable group size limits set forth by the school.
  • Schools must adhere to the exceptions where a minimum of six feet of distance must be maintained including:
  1. Six feet is always the required distancing between adults (teachers, staff, visitors) and between students and adults.
  2. Six feet of distance is required when eating meals or snacks, or drinking, or other times masks must be removed. This may mean that meals cannot be eaten in classrooms that have been converted to three feet of physical distance during instruction time.
  3. Individuals participating in activities that require projecting the voice (e.g., singing) or playing a wind instrument must be six feet apart and there must be six feet of distance between the performers and the audience during performances and concerts.
  4. Six feet of physical distance must be maintained in common areas and outside of classrooms (e.g. lobbies, auditoriums, gymnasiums, cafeterias, and hallways), where possible.
  • All schools/districts must have a mandatory face mask policy requiring face masks at all times except during meals.

 Based on the updated guidance and information we have available currently, and on the recommendations from the building committees, the North Collins Elementary School intends to implement 5-day/week of in-person instruction.  The Jr.-Sr. High School plans to continue in the HYBRID model of instruction, but rotate the green and gold group in on every other Wednesday.  Our target date for the implementation of this updated schedule at both buildings is Monday, May 3.

 Our reopening committees will continue to meet next week to plan/prepare and we also have a tentative Parents Forum scheduled for Thursday, April 22, at 6 pm.  We also understand that many families still have questions that we might not have the answer for right now, but we will work with each family to come up with a solution.  More information will be forthcoming.

 Thank you for your continued support of the North Collins Central School District.

 Please stay safe and I’ll see you along the way.


Scott Taylor

NCCS Mission Statement

The North Collins Central School District is a safe and supportive learning environment that strives to maximize educational opportunities for all students, faculty, staff, and community members.  We nurture responsibility, creativity, energy, and open-mindedness to empower successful contributors to a global society.

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